Sunny Coast Experientia Style

Inspiring people globally to visit Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty through adventuring whilst concurrently creating a game changer mindset experience resonating with them for life.

Day Tours

Experientia offers 6 unique adventure experiences showcasing our backyard, The Sunshine Coast.

Tailored Adventures

Come adventure in our backyard by choosing to custom build your experience of the spectacular Sunshine Coast.

Team Building

Choose an amazing race experience, 6 set adventures, or let us custom build one uniquely for your team Experientia style.
  •   What an incredible experience to be guided through some of the beat Sunshine Coast has to offer. Mel & Blase are wonderful hosts and keep things fun and interesting. Totally recommend this service for all ages, inter Sts and fitnessMore

    thumb Liz W
  •   Blase hosted and absolute crack of an adventure! Smashing out 6 mountain trails in one day! Bloody leg killer but so worth it! Every peak got better and better, never felt more accomplished in my life!

    thumb chrismaherr
  •   I had the privilege of participating in a recent Break Thru program produced by Ben Jobson, Blase Grinner and Melinda Bingley. I didn't really know what I had signed up for... which is probably a good thing as I may have chickened out. Ben and...More

    thumb Anne L
  •   One of the most exciting exhilarating adventures I have ever been able to participate in. Mels guidance with training and preparation for this trip allowed me to complete the climb feeling fantastic. Throughout the trip Mel was there to laugh and sing with. Leading us...More

    thumb 1805robyn
  •   I joined a men’s group recently where I met Blase, realising he ran experientia on the sunny coast, I looked into it, this particular one was for men, (Blokesventure) where men from all ages got together to have a great time kayaking, surfing and exploring...More

  •   There is only one word that can describe the experience! Awesome! If you are a person that enjoys a blend of fitness and meditation time, this is the best day out that you can find on the coast! Blase is great at what he does...More

    thumb gcoco71
  •   I stepped out of my comfort zone to attend this transformational weekend retreat on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and definitely came out the other side a better human for it. A weekend shared with men who were strangers and in 3 days became brothers to...More

    thumb Ben S
  •   Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and joining Blase on a Blokesventure. It was one of the best experiences I have had. Blase made you feel like part of the family from the first minute. I couldnt reccomend it more to anyone. Thank...More

    thumb Greg M
  •   I've done a few climbs with Mel & Blase now. One was a night time full moon climb with a meditation at the top, this was spectacular. Mel & Blase were amazing guides & their energy & knowledge really made the trips. I'm looking forward...More

    thumb Monty G H
  •   Second time i have done a blokesventure half day retreat. Was so good. I thought i knew what i was in for but this time was completely different. 11 men came out of this trip on another level to when we went in. We shared...More

    thumb walks85



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