Sunny Coast Experientia Style

Inspiring people globally to visit Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty through adventuring whilst concurrently creating a game changer mindset experience resonating with them for life.

Day Tours

Experientia offers 6 unique adventure experiences showcasing our backyard, The Sunshine Coast.

Tailored Adventures

Come adventure in our backyard by choosing to custom build your experience of the spectacular Sunshine Coast.

Team Building

Choose an amazing race experience, 6 set adventures, or let us custom build one uniquely for your team Experientia style.

  • star rating  I went on the 6 Mountains in 1 day adventure and wow it was amazing! Mel and Blaze were the ultimate guides and with their wealth of knowledge and experience... read more

    avatar thumb mel_filmer21
  • star rating  I was lucky enough to get an invite from a mate of mine to check out an event called blokesventure through this company, it was one of the best days... read more

  • star rating  When you know there is something calling. That voice, that feeling inside, the need to block out the daily noise.
    Yet, you can not quite figure it out. I... read more

  • star rating  The team at Experientia has created something truly unique - blending personal development, team building and adventure in an amazing natural setting on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Regardless of... read more

    avatar thumb David A
  • star rating  From the pick up to the drop off - it as an amazing day. Each mountain had a certain magic and it was great to reach the top and see... read more

    avatar thumb Craig c
  • star rating  I've been on a tour before with Mel & Blase from Experientia which was amazing. This time was specifically a group for "blokes". Not only a great adventure, but Blase... read more

  • star rating  I saw this flyer at my caravan park and I really liked this alternative idea of doing sports (kajaking) and meditation, so I tried to call Blase. He just called... read more

    avatar thumb Simone-OutZeitBlog
  • star rating  Wow Wow Wow This journey is amazing
    Would highly recommend this adventure to any man. "The Dingoes path" is set in the Beautiful Kureelpa/ Mapelton National park, part... read more

  • star rating  There is only one word that can describe the experience! Awesome! If you are a person that enjoys a blend of fitness and meditation time, this is the best day... read more

  • star rating  went on the epic journey called the "dingos path" with 7 other men who were in a word "lost". we all have our burdens that we face as men but... read more




The 6 mountains in one day challenge

The 6 mountains in one day challenge

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66 Days to Create a New Habit?

66 Days to Create a New Habit?

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