Blase Grinner &
Melinda Bingley

Partners in Fun, Life & Business

About Us

Welcome to our spectacular backyard! Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Reading this, a sense of adventure must pulse through your being as it has for us, SINCE BIRTH. Our paths through this amazing journey we share called life has taken us to 100’s of resorts to hostels to open arms, in over 35 countries, some of which wound time back centuries, as to experience Mother E, her vast fortune & her stillness.

I’m (Blase -33), New Zealand born with sand literally my back yard at the batch I grew up in before moving to Australia aged 4. My love of the ocean, my metaphor of life, flowed since birth. I (Melinda -34) grew up in Sydney – never seeing the Glass House Mountains yet my very 1st school project reflects otherwise. Live BIG, Love BIG, Dream Big & do lots of star jumps as life’s totally worth celebrating is my life’s motto, climbing every moment this way since birth.

*our star signs aligned our vision “Since birth”. As we are Pisces & Capricorn // The Fish & The Goat // Surf & the Summit. 2 flames who burn brighter when connected.

We both moved to this gorgeous part of the world at age 17, hearts beating with curious adventure we explored our local surrounds & utilised the Sunshine Coast as we embarked on many expeditions between us, broadening our horizon @


  • Everest base camp
  • Camino De Santiago
  • Machu Pichu Inca Trail
  • Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Route Burn Track NZ
  • Arthurs Pass NZ
  • Kokoda Trail Papua New Guinea
  • Mount Batur Bali
  • Bolivian Salt flats
  • Trekking with gorillas in Uganda
  • Iguazu Falls Argentina & Brazil
  • Many waterfalls & surf breaks in Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand

Evolving with our values over 34 years, love, gratitude & balance the Sunshine Coast lifestyle brings, emanates our vision ~ to live a life of service to the world inspiring the unlocking of our true potential & knowledge within, revealing the oneness of all that there is. Simply… just… be. Embodying who we are as individuals we created “Experientia Sunshine Coast” the expansion of Melinda’s successful company MAB. The word Experientia derives from the Latin word “experience” meaning – “to try”. Life, is never about the destination, though how we get there. How we experience LIVING as we dance along our quest. Simply, poetically, WE LOVE LIFE. For what it is, forever changing. Never the same. We invite you with an open heart, out stretched arms & huge smile to come share your stories, lessons & wisdom as we together experience the glory of Mother E on the Sunshine Coast, through adventure.