BreakThru on Bribie



Adventure, an unusual and exciting or daring experience, combined with world class personal development, has taken team building Experientia Style. Wow factor guaranteed as this 1st of its kind, disconnecting to a deserted island, only accessible via sea, connecting personal, leadership & team development with the awe of our backyard, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.



A Board break is shattering through a one-inch pine wooden board with your bare-hands unharmed. The board break event is one of the most fun and entertaining events you can experience personally or as a team. It really helps to overcome procrastination, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and sabotaging behaviours.
Itโ€™s great for itโ€™s supportive nature and high energy generated by everyone involved


  •   I dont think words can describe the experience ๐Ÿ˜Š i feel that ive been reset and that my minds open again to receiving guidance from the universe.

    James T
  •   Went out for a weekend with Blase and some men. It was fantastic, reconnected with myself and nature. An incredibly worthwile experience and I would recommend an expedition with these... read more

    Gilroy G